Gluten Free “Dutch Oven” ChickenBy E. Gluten*This is a root vegetable that my in-laws introduced to me. (Betsy, these are parsnips. Parsnips, this is Betsy.) They look like big white carrots. I love the flavor that the parsnips add to this dish!
Gluten Free Artichoke and Spinach DipBy E. GlutenI see this type of dip on menus everywhere, but we can seldom eat it. For some reason, it usually contains wheat! So I decided to make my own. It's wonderful on gluten-free crackers or with tortilla chips. - Kirsti
Gluten Free B.L.T.E.By E. GlutenI grew up loving these. We have found that it is easier to eat a large sandwich like this if you put it in a baggie and hold onto the bottom of the sandwich with the baggie. Simply fold the baggie down as you eat. It's less messy and helps keep all those yummy toppings inside where they belong. -Kirsti
Gluten Free Bacon Cheddar Cheese BallsBy E. GlutenFor our family, cheese balls are a holiday thing. We like to make them and give them to neighbors at Christmas time. My favorite variety contains bacon and cheddar cheese. - Betsy
Gluten Free Basic Muffin MixBy E. GlutenWe took over 250 of these muffins to a gluten free walk, thinking there would be plenty. Boy, were we wrong! These were the favorite! This basic recipe has several variations: blueberry, chocolate chip, cinnamon and sugar or any other muffin you can think of. They freeze really well, and best of all, you can't tell by the taste that they are gluten free!
Gluten Free Batter for Deep FryingBy E. GlutenZucchini: Serve with pizza sauce for dipping Mushrooms: Serve with ketchup or ranch dip Veal: Serve with ranch dip Fish Sticks: Season with lemon pepper and serve with tartar sauce (pg. 65) Candy bars: Omit to season. Serve with ice cream.
Gluten Free Betsy’s Favorite White Bread (New and Improved)By E. GlutenThough some people like our original bread recipe, I prefer this one. The substitution of Featherlight mix for some of the GF mix makes the texture springier. The reduction in the amount of yeast creates two benefits: a less-yeasty flavor and a decreased chance of too much air production while the bread is rising (which causes the bread to fall). This is the default bread recipe at my house. - Betsy
Gluten Free Betsy’s RoastBy E. GlutenI'm not a fancy roast cooker. In fact, if you read our "Tips on Cooking Pot Roasts" (in our cookbook), you'll learn that I'm not much of a roast cooker at all. But, when I do cook roasts, this is how I do it. - Betsy
Gluten Free Black Bean SalsaBy E. GlutenMy Aunt Jody shared this recipe with me. I had really liked her Black Bean Salsa, but I am not a big fan of vinegar - in fact, I rather detest it - so when I got the recipe, I decided to decrease or eliminate the vinegar. I tried it, but almost immediately changed my mind. The cider vinegar is an essential part of the flavor of this delicious salsa, an admission that I never thought to make about any recipe! - Betsy