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Kate’s GF Kitchen

Kat’es GF Kitchen makes awesome baked goods, and she has a variety of cooking classes, and one on one support for those who have just been diagnosed with celiac. Learn More >

Beyond Celiac

This non-profit focuses on using research to improve diagnosis accuracy and improving accessibility to gluten-free food products. Learn more about Beyond Celiac >  

Gluten Intolerance Groups

GIG brings communities together with local Gluten Intolerance Support Groups. Find a GIG Near You > 

Celiac Foundation

This non-profit is a valuable resource with tons of information that is up to date with all things related to celiac. Learn More >

GF Blends

GF Blends is a co-packer that is a 100% dedicated facility, that uses a rigorous 5 parts per million testing protocol to ensure quality and safety. They also use non-GMO ingredients. Learn More >



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