Gluten is a group of proteins usually found in grains such as rye, wheat, and barley. Gluten provides the needed moisture and elasticity that helps baked goods maintain their shape.  Although gluten is safe for most people, those who suffer from gluten sensitivity or celiac disease should avoid it. 

A true gluten-free diet is one that does not have any form of gluten

The Good News is There are Many Foods That are Naturally Gluten-Free. Here We Have Listed a Few of Our Favorites. 

Poultry – Fresh Chicken and Turkey are Gluten Free 

Fresh chicken and turkey are rich sources of protein that are needed to fuel our bodies. You can include chicken in a variety of ways in your diet. However, it is important to steer clear of many sauces, rubs, and spices which can sneak gluten into your food. Check the labels of anything you cook with to be sure they are gluten free. 

Gluten Free Seafood 

If you are a seafood lover, you don’t have to compromise much since the majority of seafood is naturally gluten free. You can include plenty of fresh fish, lobster, clams, scallops, shrimp, and more in your diet. However, you should stay away from any processed seafood, which is harmful to the body. Imitation crab often has gluten, so be sure if you eat sushi to ask for real crab as a substitute. 

Most Meat is Gluten Free, and Watch Out for Seasonings 

Red meat should be consumed in moderation as it is a rich source of fat and not good for people who have high cholesterol. We advise avoiding all processed forms of red meat which can be laced with gluten. As for deli meat, if you do eat processed foods, look for a certified gluten free icon on the label, and be sure to look for the words Gluten Free close to the ingredients list. 

White Rice is Gluten Free 

There are several naturally gluten -free grains like rice which can be included in your diet. Whole grains are an important part of a healthy well-balanced diet. These grains are a rich source of healthy carbohydrates, which provide our body with the needed energy to stay healthy and function properly. Whole grains are rich in fiber which keeps us full and helps our digestion. Rice can sometimes be manufactured and processed in facilities that don’t have dedicated gluten-free lines. If you are extremely sensitive to gluten, we do have rice that has been processed in a dedicated gluten-free facility, ensuring it is gluten free to 5ppm. 

Gluten Free Vegetables 

All fresh vegetables are free from gluten. However, if you buy processed vegetables, they might have gluten, so check the label each time. Fresh vegetables you can include in a gluten free-diet could be potatoes, carrots, green beans, mushrooms, onions, radishes, bell pepper, starchy vegetables, and other greens. To get all the benefits and nutrients from fresh vegetables, prepare them by steaming, roasting, or grilling them with a light amount of oil and avoid heavy sauces and toppings for additional health benefits. 

Gluten Free Fruits

All fresh fruits are free from gluten. Focus on eating fruits that are seasonally available where you live or purchase fruit from the frozen section of your grocery store. If you want to include fresh fruits in your diet, you can have them as a snack, add them to your salad, make a smoothie, or eat them fresh. 

Flaxseed is Gluten Free 

Flaxseed is naturally gluten free. Flaxseed is now considered a superfood because it contains many nutrients. Flaxseed includes plenty of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and minerals. Flaxseed is also a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acid which is important for your brain and your body.

Gluten Free Dairy Products

Dairy is usually free from gluten unless it is flavored with additives. Dairy products include milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, and more. Dairy products are a rich source of calcium, which is essential to our body for strong bones. Always be sure to double-check the label for anything that may contain traces of gluten. Sometimes yogurt will have things like granola. Ice cream may have pieces of cookies, cake, or graham crackers, so always be sure to check the ingredients on the label.

Beans are Gluten Free 

Beans contain plenty of amino acids which are protein builders. The nutrients and protein in beans help your body make new tissues for bones, blood, skin, hair, and muscles. Beans are available in a variety of types, including kidney, black, white and pinto. Try as many varieties as you can find in your local grocery store to discover which types you like best. Beans can also be added to any salad, as a side, or a main dish. One of our favorite main dishes is our gluten free chili, we also have a black bean salsa we love. 

Is Chocolate Gluten Free? 

Plain, dark, and milk chocolate are naturally free from gluten. Sometimes, chocolate treats can have other ingredients added to it like crispies, or malt flavoring that will make the treat unsafe if you need to be on a strict gluten-free diet. Again, be aware and check the label before diving into any chocolate treats. 

When in Doubt Read the Label & All Messages on the Packaging 

Above all, remember to check the label of all products that are not in their raw or natural state. Many manufacturers clearly label their gluten-free products. Although it may say Gluten Free on the front of the package, many items may contain trace amounts of gluten. Those with the certified gluten free label do have to meet 20 ppm standards as set by the FDA.  

Packages that say produced in a facility with wheat or gluten can be an indication that it may not be fully gluten-free. Take the time to read the labels, and plan your meals ahead this will help you prevent potential gluten contamination from packaged products. If you need to find some new recipes to try, we have a variety of recipes we have been using for years with our gluten free family that our here on our website. And if you need to purchase any gluten-free flours or baking mixes for your pantry, visit our online store here!

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