What is the Purity Protocol?

Purity Protocol is a farm to plate standard for oats that minimizes the risk of cross-contamination with gluten including wheat, barley, rye, and triticale. All of the oats are grown in gluten free fields and processed on clean machines that have not harvested crops containing gluten.

From this point on the purity protocol process ensures the oats are transported and stored with no cross contamination risk.  We also work with GF Blends, a facility that is non-gmo and free of the top 9 allergens.,

Before our products leave the GF Blends facility, they retest all of our products at five parts per million—as opposed to the FDA’s required 20 parts per million, creating a higher guaranteed standard for our products. This approach ensures that they will be safe for anyone with Celiac, even those who are extremely sensitive. 

Why We Choose the Purity Protocol

Since we have over 30 extended family members diagnosed with Celiac, we understand how difficult it is to find good food that the whole family can eat and enjoy. We choose to use purity protocol oats because we want to limit cross-contamination risks furthermore, we never sell any products that we wouldn’t use ourselves because eating good food and having a low risk of celiac reactions should not be mutually exclusive. 

We Do all We can to Avoid Health Risks to those with Celiac 

Having Celiac and eating gluten or cross-contaminated food can be a huge health risk. It can lead to a number of health difficulties and/or autoimmune responses. We know what it is like to be concerned about celiac for these exact reasons, so we choose to use purity protocol oats to help protect you and any of your undiagnosed or misdiagnosed celiac family members. Purity Protocol oats provide a safe and delicious gluten free option for those who have to eat gluten free, or simply those who feel better without gluten. 

Delicious Gluten Free Recipes That Use Oats

Now that you know why purity protocol oats make a huge difference in the quality of gluten free oats, here are some great recipes for you to try out!

Best Granola:

This granola recipe is perfect for a nice breakfast or as a mid-afternoon snack. It’s easy to mix into other recipes. For example, we think it’s perfect for making a gluten-free yogurt parfait. You could also add other mix-ins to it to make yummy trail mix or “gorp.” 

Gluten Free Apple Crisp

There is nothing we love more than a good dessert and this gluten-free apple crisp recipe definitely makes the “good dessert” list. It’s an easy three-step recipe that is combined with a total cook and prep time of only 50 minutes, which means that you could be eating this mouthwatering delight in under an hour!

White Chocolate Craisin Oatmeal Cookies

These white chocolatey, sweet cookies are the perfect recipe if you like quick and delicious. They only take about 30-32 minutes total to prepare and bake. When you’re in a pinch and your sweet tooth is in demand, these tasty cookies are sure to do the trick!


All of our oats are purity protocol oats. Whether it be the 4 lb. bag of gluten-free oat flour or the 50 lb. bag of gluten-free quick oats, they are guaranteed to be safe and delicious for your whole family’s enjoyment. 

Our oats are a gluten-free must-have in every celiac kitchen, so order today and get ready to enjoy some of the safest oats on this side of the gluten-free kitchen!

We have everything from Oat Flour, Quick Oats, Rolled Oats and Steel Cut Oats available. If you aren’t sure what the difference is, be sure to read one of our latest articles to help you understand. 

We also have a variety of other gluten free products and mixes that make it easy to adjust to eating gluten free after being diagnosed with celiac, or for those with gluten intolerance.